The Way

I often mention the incredible influence my experience in the US has had on my life. I fell in love with the language, the culture and the people and I also discovered that there always seems to be a way . 
Coming from a culture that always reminds us of the boundaries real or not that prevent most of us to reach for more, I was amazed to embrace a mentality that showcased a world of possibilities.
But I also found out down the road , that too many options, and too many ways can mislead and make it challenging to find The Way.

During my first year of college I overheard someone saying to another person: «  It is going to be my way or the highway » they both laughed and disappeared in the college hallway. Meanwhile this saying which I had never heard before stuck with me for a very long time ... I started using it every time I had a chance. It became my new thing and all for the wrong reason 
First of all I did not even know my way to begin with , but this thought that someone would be impressed by me using that «  rule » made my then- foolish-self really proud

Thank God I got out of it and on my way to find The Way I discovered John 14:6
We often hear that life is a journey and I certainly agree with that. Like in all journeys  there is or at least there should be an itinerary. We must know which way to go. 

You will never reach your destination if you are not on the right way.
Businesses like GPS and Google Map even made money out of the basic need to know the right way .
As Christians we can be confused sometimes, at least I can only speak for myself I guess...
We fell into the routine of religiosity and we tend to go through our lives praying for the same things, complaining about the same issues and looking in all the wrong places to get where we think we should be.

Well Jesus told us clearly He is The Way, We will not get to our Father without Him.
We will not reach our Destiny unless it is through Him.
We ought to let go of all those thoughts that let us believe there is another way to follow.
This quest of finding our Way back to Him should be our priority.

On this month  of April we will celebrate Easter and the incredible victory of our Savior. I encourage each of us to stop being lost in our owns ways  and  and get back on His Way as He is and always will be The Way.

Have a Blessed month of April filled with joy, victory and directions!

Fabienne LEPRY

Inspired by John 14:6
Isaiah 35: 8-9

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